1st Due Fire: 4300blk S Creek Rd: Pennsbury Township
By Longwood Command Desk
March 20, 2017

At approximately 1430hrs the first alarm structure fire assignment was dispatched to the 4300blk of S. Creek Rd for a house fire. The first alarm consisted of Longwood, Delco Co. 59 (Concordville) and Station 52 (Good Will) for the RIT Assignment.

E-25-2 (M. Syska) responded with 4 personnel two minutes after dispatched and were advised of a house on fire with exposures to several greenhouses.

Delco Chief 59 arrived and reported a greenhouse with attached apartment on fire with exposure to another greenhouse. E-25-2 arrived behind Chief 59, entered the property from Cossart Rd and laid 1100ft of 5" supply line into the fire scene. As the crew stretched a 250ft 1.75" hand line into the apartment, a property owner advised that the tenant might still be inside the building. The crews located the tenant on the exterior of the building suffering from smoke inhalation. The tenant was turned over to the EMS crews on-scene where he refused treatment against medical advice.

Chief 59 was assigned as the Incident Commander and Chief 25 was assigned as the Operations Group Leader. A tanker task force was requested due to the lack of hydrants in the area.

Tanker 25 arrived and supplied the scene while E-25-1 reverse laid out to S. Creek Rd and Cossart Rd to establish the dump site for the tanker shuttle. Ladder 25 arrived, backed into the scene, and began opening up the interior and exterior of both properties.

Delco 59-3 deployed a 200ft 1.75" line from E-25-2 and coordinated with the interior hose team to extinguish all visible fire. Remaining units assisted with overhaul and salvage. Units were faced with significant hoarding conditions and additional engine companies were dispatched to assist with manpower. The fire was placed under control within 1 hour.

The Chester County Fire Marshal's Office responded and investigated the cause and origin which was determined to be accidental. A piece of grinding equipment sent sparks into a pile of combustibles which ignited the property.

Longwood responded with 25 personnel to the incident.

E-21-2 and A-21-2 (Oxford), E-6-1 (West Whiteland) and Engine 4-5 (Malvern) covered the first due while we were committed to the fire, handling a fire alarm activation at Crosslands.

Photos provided by FF Lisa Glass

Units: E-25-2, E-25-1, Ladder 25, Tanker 25, Utility 25, Brush 25, Traffic 25 M-25-2, Medic 25
Mutual Aid: First Alarm: E-59-3 (Concordville), Tanker 59, E-52-2 and Air 52 (Good Will). Tanker Task Force: Tanker 24 (Kennett), Tanker 36 (PML), Tanker 23 (Avondale), Tanker 22 (West Grove), Tanker 52 (Good Will) Special Call EMS: Ambulance 24-1 (Kennett), A-55-1 and Rehad 55 (Goodfellowship) Special Call Engine Co: E-24-1 (Kennett), E-22-2 (West Grove), E-51-1 (1st WC), E-23-2 (Avondale)
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