2018 Line officers and Board members named
By LFC members
January 12, 2018

On Thursday, January 11th, 2018 there were some changes to the fire line officer and board member positions.

Mike Wells, was promoted from Captain to Assistant Fire Chief. Bas de Vries was promoted from Firefighter to Fire Lieutenant. Big thanks go to Mert LaBare who served as Fire Captain for many years. The rest of the fire officers remained the same and are as followed:

Fire Chief: A.J. McCarthy
Deputy Fire Chief: Mike Syska
Assistant Fire Chief: Mike Wells
Safety Officer: Jim Knightly
Fire Lieutenant: Andrew Yacka
Fire Lieutenant: Michael Shone
Fire Lieutenant: Bas de Vries
Water Rescue Supervisor: Tim Moore
First Acting Man: Mike Mauer
First Acting Man: Dennis Bisson
First Acting Man: Matt Ruoss

Chief Engineer: John Johnson
Assistant Chief Engineer: Dennis Mellinger

Fire Police Captain: Jeff Hammaker

On the administrative side, Mike Leventry took on the reigns as Vice President, Matt Glass has taken over as Secretary, Brent du Pont has taken over as treasurer and Ron Mazik has taken the position as financial secretary. Thank you to Joe Deckman who has served as the treasurer.

The rest of the board remained the same and are as followed:

President: Brad Bowman
Vice President: Mike Leventry
Secretary: Matt Glass
Treasurer: Brent du Pont
Financial Secretary: Ron Mazik
Delegate: Bas de Vries
Delegate: Jeff Alkhas
Fire Chief: A.J. McCarthy