Are You Happy With Your Fire and EMS Coverage?
By EMS Captain Matthew Eick
March 6, 2020

If you are a resident or business owner in Chester County please take the time to fill out this survey!

The Chester County Fire Chiefs Association, Chester County Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc., and the Chester County Fire Police Association, in partnership with the Chester County Department of Emergency Services have contracted with Municipal Resources Inc. (MRI) to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the County's Fire and Emergency Medical Services delivery system and operations and make recommendations for potential improvements for the future. As part of that process, stakeholder input is very important.

Below is a link to a survey that we are asking residents and business owners of Chester County to complete as part of this evaluation. This survey is anonymous with only your responses, not any type of identifying feature, visible to the study team. Your feedback and input is important to us and will be carefully considered by the study team as we prepare our report and formulate our recommendations. I ask that you please take some time to complete the survey in its entirety. The more responses we receive, the more valid the information that we obtain from it will be.

This survey will be live on line until Tuesday March 31, 2020.

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