2021 Ambulance Membership Drive Kick Off
By EMS Captain Matthew Eick
December 1, 2020

Today we kicked off our 2021 Annual Ambulance Club Membership Drive. In early 2020 we were excited to move to an online records management platform that made the entering, tracking and verification of membership more efficient. This system allows for real time review of membership by our residents. It provides seamless integration of Ambulance bills and Membership records. We also used the automated email reminder system for the first time. Those emails went to residents today reminding them that the Annual Subscription that runs the calendar year will need to be renewed in 30 days. We have received some calls at the station today regarding this email. We wanted to communicate to you that this is an official notice to remind you of your upcoming subscription renewal.

We continue to provide this opportunity to our residents as a way to offset the overall cost of an ambulance bill. We will be sending our normal mail solicitation in the coming weeks. We are very grateful to all our residents who participate in this program each year. We also invite other residents to participate in this great program. Residents can sign up electronically at this link
https://eservicespaas.com/membership/?SGID=561&sysKEY=5aJStqdAjsC!zVCGzsgakMzx or are welcome to donate by check using the mail packet you will receive soon. As always on behalf of the Officers, Staff and Volunteers we cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

Here is our 2021 Ambulance Membership club letter.
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are sending you this letter to let you know that the Longwood Fire Company EMS, your local ambulance service, is soliciting for our 2021 Subscription Drive. We cannot thank our community enough for the support we received in 2020 with your Subscription to our drive. As we moved into Spring of 2020 none of us anticipated the changes and sacrifices, we would all be making regarding the COVID 19 Pandemic. The contributions received in the past and moving forward go directly toward the trained medical staff of EMT’s and Paramedics. These dedicated responders will be the ones who are assisting you in your time of need. 2020 has been especially challenging for all of us. We are proud to report that despite the emotional and financial pressures the pandemic caused Longwood Fire Company, our responders continued to provide EMS service. We are also proud to report that we did not layoff any EMT or Paramedic Professionals despite lower call volume, loss of contracted services, and loss of donations.

If you should ever need to call 911 for emergency medical treatment and transport to a hospital, your insurance may not cover 100% of the EMS Costs. Your annual subscription will cover a portion of these costs. This gives you peace-of-mind should you need EMS and helps to offset some expense relating to the ambulance coverage in the community. EMS no longer is just a transportation function to get you to a hospital as quick as possible. Our trained professionals bring most of the capabilities of the ER to your side during an emergency. The donations received ensure we can maintain the most updated and innovative equipment to provide this service. Items like monitors to perform 12-leas ekg’s, IV medication pumps, mechanical ventilators, and advanced moving devices are just a few of the items we maintain in each Ambulance. All these items come at a cost to the organization, your contributions have made that possible.

In 2019 we answered 2400 EMS emergency dispatches and provided contracted standby EMS service to 106 events. Due to COVID –19 in 2020 there was a decrease in call volume, but we are projecting 2100 EMS Emergencies and 40 EMS events. Trending since 2015 calls normally increase by an estimated 75 dispatches per year.

All the members here at Longwood Fire Company thank you for the donations and support you provide. We continue to maintain a majority career EMS Staff 24/7/365 should you experience an emergency. We are proud to serve Kennett Township, Kennett Square, East Marlborough Township, Pennsbury Township, Pocopson Township and Newlin Township. We still encourage EMS Volunteers and incorporate them into our operation to provide service to the community.

Interested in helping more or becoming a volunteer? Please visit our website and reach out to us by email or calling the station. We are always looking for new EMS volunteers or assistance with administrative functions and projects.

Longwood Fire Company EMS will respond and provide service regardless of participation in this program.