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The Longwood Fire Company provides Fire and Rescue services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our fire operations consists of 'engine company,' truck company', rescue company' and 'Rapid Intervention Team' (RIT) Assignments.

The 'engine company' is responsible for all fire attack on multiple types of incidents, including structure, vehicle and natural cover fires. The 'engine company' provides a supply line from a fire hydrant or natural water source to ensure that the fireground has an endless supply of water to extinguish the fire. The 'engine company' personnel are responsible for deploying handlines to attack the fire, supplying other fireground apparatus with water and ensuring the protection of other members operating inside a burning structure. Please see our apparatus page to learn more about our 'engine company'.

The 'truck company' is responsible for the search and rescue at structure fires. These members enter a burning home and assist the 'engine company' with ventilation, salvage and overhaul and providing multiple routes of egress from the strucutre. The 'truck company' is tasked with saving any property that is not directly involved in fire and overhauling the structure to ensure the fire is completely extinguished. The 'truck' and 'engine companies' work as a team to provide the quickest and most effiicient service possible to our residents. The LFC members are required to complete hundreds of hours of training to meet state and national requirements in order to participate in fire suppression assignments. Once completing the requirements, members train each week for at least two hours to maintain proficiency in their skills. Please see our apparatus page to learn more about our ladder truck.

The 'rescue company' is responsible for rescuing individuals from precarious situations ranging from motor vehicle accidents to swift water rescues.  The 'rescue company' is one of the most intricate forms of service the LFC provides to its community because of the risks that members undertake to perform successful rescues.  Timing is everything in a rescue situation so our members spend countless hours in training to learn how to operate quickly and efficiently to perform the task at hand.  The 'rescue company' is so specialized because failure can mean life or death for the patient and the rescuer.  The LFC members are specially trained to perform motor vehicle extrications, low angle rope rescues, high angle rope rescues, confined space rescues, trench rescues, hazardous materials responses, mass casualty incidents, water recues (such as a lake or pond) and swift water rescues (such as a flooded river or stream).  Our 'rescue company' is one of the best in the county and offers services above and beyond the basic fire suppression services. This is why the 'rescue company' is often referred to as the "special services" division of the fire service. To learn more about the 'rescue company', please visit Rescue 25, Engine 25-2 and Boat 25 in the apparatus page.    

The 'Rapid Intervention Team' (RIT) is a group of highly trained and experienced firefighters that have one mission: to rescue a firefighter in their time of need. Often times the community looks upon the fire company to assist them in an emergency, but who does a firefighter call. The 'RIT' is assigned to respond to all structure fires and standby in a case of an emergency. This is often an  extremely dangerous assignmetnt as the members are tasked with entering an already dangerous environment to save one of their own. The LFC RIT members are required to complete a variety of training classes to participate as a RIT member. This training is above and beyond the requirements of the 'engine' and 'truck company' functions.

LFC firefighters are highly trained and skilled in all aspects of the fire and rescue services. We maintain a large amout of the most up to date equipment and tactics to ensure that our residents receive the best service possible. If you would like to learn more about our fire and rescue services please email Longwood Fire Company or call the station at 610-388-6880.


The Longwood Fire Company provides Emergency Medical Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

LFC owns four (4) ambulances to service our community. During the daytime hours (8am – 8pm), two Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs) are staffed with a career Paramedic and career EMT. During the overnight hours (8pm-8am) one MICU is staffed with a career Paramedic and a career EMT.

LFC also provides mutual aid support to the surrounding areas such as Kennett Square Borough and Kennett Township with ALS (Advanced Life Support). LFC can also be called upon to respond to support Medic 94 from Jennersville Hospital as well as Medic 91 from Chester County Hospital when they are experiencing high call volumes.

All of LFC's providers are highly trained and skilled and keep current with all the latest technologies and training. All providers are required to maintain yearly continuing education in order to keep current with the evolving changes in the medical community. LFC is proud to employ some of the most experienced providers in Chester County with some of our providers serving the greater Chester County area for over 25 years.

LFC ambulances respond to all types of incidents requiring medcial care including, but not limited to; chest pains and heart related problems, respiratory distress and respiratory disorders, seizures, fainting, falls, stoke, diabetic problems, emotional disorders, assaults, OBGYN concerns, motor vehicle accidents involving injuries, sports injuries, or anything that the community needs which requires medical assistance.

LFC also offers CPR and First Aid training for the public as well as health care professionals.  LFC has professionals trained in car seat installation for child safety and well being while traveling.

LFC will come to your school or organization and provide EMS safety awareness or do a presentation on EMS in general.

Ask about the “File of Life” card which can be placed in your home to aid EMS providers in obtaining pertinent medical information in times of an emergency.

LFC is always striving to improve and welcomes any new ideas and new ways to better our service to our community and our patients.

Please call the station at (610) 388-6880 or e-mail Longwood Fire Company with any questions or concerns regarding Longwood Fire Company EMS.




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